Singing Valentines!

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Make credit card payment thru EventBrite:

Toast of Tampa Show Chorus Singing Valentine Order Form
Price: $60.00 for Live Performance, Box of Chocolates, and a Card
$20.00 for an emailed audio file
[email protected]
(727) 238-5737
Valentine is for: _____________________________ Recipient's Phone #: (_____)_______________
Deliver To (address/name of business): _________________________________________________
Driving directions/Special instructions: BE SPECIFIC: Subdivision for home, office building, floor, office or suite #, department, where to park, entry door, contact person. (Please write directions as though you have never been there and you would have to drive there.) Provide email for audio file.
Singing Delivery Date/Time: _______ Monday, February 13th, or _______ Tuesday, February 14th
Morning _______ Afternoon _______ Evening _______ Other _____________________
(9 – 12 pm) (1 – 4 pm) (5 – 8 pm)
Special Message for card: ___________________________________________________________
Your Name: ___________________________________ Phone: (Cell) ________________________
Your Address: _____________________________________________________________________
Payment: ___ Credit Card (EventBrite) ___Check ___Cash (NO COD) Total Due $_______________
Make checks payable to Toast of Tampa Show Chorus and mail to:
T.O.T. Singing Valentines, P.O. Box 20165, Tampa, FL 33622-0165
Make credit card payment thru EventBrite:
How did you hear about our Singing Valentines? _________________________________________
Please do not write below this line: To be completed by Toast of Tampa Valentine Committee
Order # ________________ TOT Salesperson: _____________________Quartet # ______________________
Date of Order _________________________ Taken by: _________________________________
Payment Received by: ____________________________ Date: _____________________________________