Erin Howden

Visual Coach

Erin Howden has been an active member of the North Metro Chorus for more than 27 years and has achieved top-ten standing as a quartet member at the international level. Since joining North Metro when she was thirteen, she has become a dynamic leader who is truly superb in the area of performance and expression. "Brilliant!" "Unique!" "Innovative!" All these words have been used to describe Erin's stunning visual work.

Erin is a member of the Sweet Adelines International faculty and has been actively involved in coaching, educating and motivating performers worldwide. Erin's powerful "Newsies" choreography in North Metro's thrilling gold-medal performance in Fort Lauderdale played a major role in our victory. Her vision and creation of "Sailor", "Paint Your Wagon", "Mary Poppins" and other packages have had audiences enthralled, and inspired many standing ovations. Erin has made significant contributions to North Metro's three gold medal performances and the chorus is proud to be the canvas for her artistry.

In addition to Erin's background in modern jazz, choreography and dance, she has an honours degree in business and has a certification in human resources management and training. Erin worked in HR management for more than 15 years and is now running her own performance coaching organization called "A Step Ahead", through which she coaches, trains, educates and motivates individuals, choruses, quartets and other organizations worldwide.

Erin's creative and passionate delivery is contagious. She inspires personal belief and enthusiasm as she motivates people to pursue breakthrough levels of continuous improvement and excellence.

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